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Before you invest a dollar on sales or management training, do a gut-check!

Is everyone trainable?

Not everyone who needs training is willing or ready to commit to it. And for some, the learning curve is just too long to justify the investment. Evaluate before you train. Before we engage with a client to structure and implement a training and development program for their salespeople and their sales management people, we strongly recommend a tough, no-nonsense assessment process to see who is really trainable and how to best accelerate the results when they are on board.

Are the managers ready to support it and participate?

Outside sales training that is not reinforced and supported internally will not work. Save your money if you are not ready or willing to put a structure or process in place internally to support the behavior changes that an effective training and development program can generate.

Is training going to solve the problem?

Often, underlying problems exist that can't be fixed with training alone. When all is said and done, there is only one reason to invest in a sales or a management training and development program, and that is to affect positive behavior changes that produce positive bottom-line results.

Does the training format fit the training need?

As David Sandler once said, "You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar". The format has to support the training and development goals, and often that's not a quick fix, one-day training session. As you assess your needs, you may find it helpful to get a picture of the kind of longer-term competency-based programs that we offer.

Can the trainer relate to your team?

Does the trainer walk the talk? Real world experience is a must-have. The best program will have little or no impact if the trainer doesn't fit your group. Watch out for sales trainers who don't sell and management trainers who have never managed salespeople.

How will you know it's working?

You can't manage it if you can't measure it. It has to be tracked, reviewed and adjusted, relentlessly. If it's working, behaviors should be improving early in the program. Serious results require serious intentions-on both sides. Real expectations must be clearly established up-front, then committed to, tracked and adjusted regularly. It's an investment. There has to be a measurable ROI.